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Bio & Link is a sustainable and unified (all-in-one) link management platform developed  for Creators, Businesses and Agencies. The platform features a link-in-bio page builder, link shortener, link QR code generator and link analytics.


Bio and Link Software LLC is registered private-held software company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company headquarters are also in Dubai. We operate in Technology, Internet and Social Media sectors.

Bio and Link (or Bio&Link) was created in 2022 out of growing need to better manage digital links. For many Creators, Businesses and Agencies – links are a fundamental component of how we communicate and share information in the digital age.

We created a single, unified platform that brings together everything you need to build and manage your links, including a:

  • link-in-bio page builder
  • link shortener
  • link QR code generator
  • link tracking and analytics

We value our customers and our partners – and we are working towards building not only a better link management platform, but a solution that also has a positive impact on the world.


The Passion Economy consist of more than 500 million users, of which 200 million are identified as content creators (also known as the Creator Economy).

Our mission to help empower more Creators, Businesses and Agencies that use links in their daily lives to power their passion and their business.

We believe in building a more sustainable and socially responsible world. Hence, we are committed to donating atleast 3% of every paid subscription towards global social, humanitarian and sustainable causes.

In this way, not only are you purchasing a powerful and useful software tool for your business – but you are also contributing towards making the world a better place.

And for that, we thank you.


Bio & Link is co-founded by Rusheé Ramchuran and Yuliya Kozachok – two senior management executives with a combined work experience of 30 years in the startup, agency and corporate environments.

Rusheé Ramchuran
CEO & Co-founder

Yuliya Kozachok
COO & Co-founder